SASLI Funding & Fellowships

Due to Federal Budget cuts, SASLI has had to re-negotiate its program fees. However, all applicants who submit a complete SASLI application are eligible to receive a $1000 Fee Remission. Please note that there are some restrictions on combined funding.

The SASLI program fee for 2012 is $4,500. Program fees cover tuition and expenditures for social events. The program fee does not include the cost of textbooks, or living expenses. It does include the UW-Madison assessment fee. SASLI is open to undergraduates, graduate students and non-student professionals. UW Madison in-state undergraduates will be charged regular undergraduate tuition for 8 credits as posted on the UW Registrar's Office Website. SASLI is an 8-week session and all students must enroll for the full session. All students will be billed for the full session at the start of SASLI and no refunds will be issued after the UW-Madison first semester drop deadline has passed.

There are multiple types of funding available. Please read ALL of these instructions to be sure that you are applying for the correct type of funding.

Fee Remission

All SASLI applicants who submit a complete SASLI application are eligible to receive a $1000 Fee Remission. At the end of the SASLI application is a box where applicants can indicate whether or not they would like to be considered for this Fee Remission. By checking “yes”, your application will automatically be considered once all application materials have been received at the SASLI office. If you are awarded this $1000 Fee Remission, the amount will be directly applied to your tuition bill by the University of Wisconsin Bursar's Office.

You may be eligible to receive a part of or the entire Fee Remission amount if you have other funding, provided your outside, non-loan funding totals $3500 or less. If you receive a FLAS award or SASLI Scholarship, you are not eligible to receive this Fee Remission.

FLAS Fellowship

FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships) are provided by the U.S. Department of Education. A FLAS fellowship for SASLI covers the program fee as well as a fixed stipend. Fellowships are awarded based on a national competition and are open to graduate students* at any institution in the United States and who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Thus, non-students and undergraduate students are ineligible for SASLI FLAS fellowships. The same is true of international students who are not permanent residents of the U.S. If you fall into either of these categories, the only type of SASLI funding you are eligible to receive is the SASLI Scholarship or Fee Remission. You may also contact the UW-Madison financial aid office, but funding options are limited. If you are a student at another university or college, your best resource for funding would be your home institution's financial aid office.

*If you have applied for graduate school for the fall semester following SASLI, you can apply for a FLAS, but you must show proof of acceptance into a graduate program prior to receiving the award.


If you are a graduate student in one of the National Resource Centers (listed below) you are eligible to apply for a FLAS at your home institution. Check with your institution for appropriate guidelines and restrictions. While limited FLAS awards may be available directly from SASLI, we encourage all NRC students to apply at your home institution for a FLAS.

Graduate students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison can apply for a Summer FLAS by using the link below and selecting the "SASLI 2012" award competition.

If you are funded on a non-NRC FLAS award, please contact SASLI to make sure this award can be used to pay for SASLI.


A limited number of summer fellowships may be available from the South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI) for intensive foreign language study during the summer of 2012. These fellowships are made possible through the consortium of South Asia National Resource Centers (see above). SASLI has limited FLAS awards available, so applications received may be forwarded to another NRC institution (see above) for potential funding. FLAS fellowships awarded by SASLI are only available for study at SASLI. Thus we recommend that you apply directly to your home institution if it is on the list above.

There is no lifetime limit on the number of SASLI FLAS awards you may receive. For the SASLI FLAS, there is no restriction on prior academic year FLAS that would limit your eligibility. However, if your institution offers a FLAS competition, we recommend that you apply for a FLAS at your home institution.

Students not attending an NRC institution can apply for a SASLI FLAS by using the link below and selecting the "SASLI 2012" award competition.

The deadline for the FLAS and SASLI Scholarship is February 1, 2012.

SASLI Scholarship

All SASLI students are eligible to apply for the SASLI Scholarship. The scholarship covers all or part of the program fee, but does not include a stipend. The review process is competitive and based on financial need and academic/other reasons language study is necessary.

For past scholarship recipients, click here.

Students can apply for a SASLI Scholarship by using the link below and selecting the "SASLI 2012" award competition. This application is the same as that for the SASLI FLAS but requires additional information on income and need.

At the question, "If you are applying to study at SASLI this summer and would like to be considered for a fee remission, please check here," you MUST click the yes button in order to fill out the remainder of the SASLI Scholarship application. If you do not click yes, your application for the SASLI scholarship will not be complete and will not be reviewed.

Students interested in both the SASLI FLAS and Scholarship need only submit one application - be sure to select the "SASLI 2012" award competition. Please note that if you are offered a FLAS, you will not be able to receive a Scholarship.

Combined FLAS & Scholarship Application

In order to receive any kind of funding for SASLI, you must be accepted and enrolled in an eligible course (please note that Sanskrit is not eligible for FLAS awards). The SASLI application is separate from the application for funding.

*SASLI does not accept Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Grants.

*SASLI does not allow students to audit courses.

*SASLI students have used Boren Fellowships to fund their summer study.

If someone will be sponsoring you to attend SASLI (i.e. paying your tuition), please visit the 3rd-Party Payments page.

Please contact SASLI if you have any further questions about funding.

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