Living in Madison


Paying for SASLI

The SASLI program fee for 2012 is $4,500. Program fees cover tuition and expenditures for social events. The program fee does not include the cost of textbooks, or living expenses. It does include the UW-Madison assessment fee. SASLI is open to undergraduates, graduate students and non-student professionals. UW Madison in-state undergraduates will be charged regular undergraduate tuition for 8 credits as posted on the UW Registrar's Office Website. SASLI is an 8-week session and all students must enroll for the full session. All students will be billed for the full session at the start of SASLI and no refunds will be issued after the UW-Madison first semester drop deadline has passed. If you have an emergency and must leave SASLI, please contact SASLI administration before you leave, or you may lose all of your program fee.

Your bill is accessible through your My-UW account (click the 'Financial' tab). Payment is done through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of the Registrar Bursars Office. If you have questions regarding payment procedures, deadlines, and notifications the office can be reached directly at: You may also contact Student Accounts and Cashiering at (608) 262-3611.

If you receive a FLAS, SASLI Sholarship, or SASLI Fee Remission, these payments will be sent directly to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Bursar's Office, and will be listed on your My-UW account. If someone will be sponsoring you to attend SASLI (i.e. paying your tuition), please visit the 3rd-Party Payments page. For information of fellowship and scholarship opportunities, pleave visit the funding page.

Living Expenses

According to the UW-Madison Special Students Office, students 26 and over can expect summer living expenses of $1,514.00 per month. Students 25 and under can expect summer living expenses of $1,476.00 per month. These expenses include costs for insurance.

All international students are required to purchase health insurance. Costs for UW-Madison's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for the summer 2010 for international students can be found here. Rates for domestic students can be found here.


Students admitted to SASLI and the University of Wisconsin’s summer school are responsible for making their own living arrangements for the duration of the summer session. Please make sure that your class is confirmed before signing housing contracts or leases. Students can get in touch with one another via the SASLI facebook page. If you are interested in living with other SASLI students during the program, check the SASLI facebook page.

University Housing

There is limited University dorm summer housing available at Susan Davis and Merit House. The applications are taken on a first-come first-serve basis, although any students who have a housing contract for the year are given priority. The applications are available at the University Housing website listed below. All applications are filed by the date they were received, so if you want to be sure to have a place it's best to apply as soon as you can. You don't need to wait until you have your student ID in order to fill out the application. When filling out the application, please write-in the language you intend to study and they'll try to room people taking the same languages near each other. If you have any questions that are not addressed on the University Housing website, you can contact Emily Luker at (608) 265-6728. More detailed information can be found on the UW Housing website.

Madison Tenant Resource Center

Other Housing

The Campus Information and Visitor Center (CIVC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides current information about housing and other services available on and off campus. The CIVC website includes an off-campus housing listing service. Prospective students are encouraged to contact CIVC, before finalizing their plans for the summer.

Summer sublets are easy to come by in Madison, many students leave for the summer and sublet their apartments. There are also some spots available in private residence halls, bu they tend to fill up quickly, so make your reservation early.

Useful websites for locating housing:

Lothlorien Co-op: Membership coordinators Susan or Ivan at 608-256-6080 or stop by for 6pm dinners at 244 W. Lakelawn Pl.

International Co-op: 140 West Gilman, Membership Coordinator: Liz608-283-6333

Audre Lorde: Contact is Duc Luu


Travel to Madison

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